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NSP - 7000 III

Configurable Operation
Automatic Pipetting, Diluting, Dispensing and Transferring
Completely New
New NICHIRYO liquid handling technology
Compact Design
AII-in-one system with 4 stackers for disposable tip and microplate
NSP-7000Ⅲ is the third generation of Nichiryo Multi-channel liquid handling system.
NSP-7000Ⅲ is more flexible than past NSP-7000 system and capable of performing many kind of liquid handling purpose.
This new generation has installed many kind of new technologies for totally automated liquid handling procedure such as the newly designed stacker, automatic waste liquid pump-out system, Y axis drive unit for 384 well microplate access and flexible software.
5 positions sliding work stage accepts disposable tip rack, reagent reservoir, waste liquid container and labware such as SBS standard microplate, deep-well plate and tube plate.
All labwares are accepted both 8ch and 12ch way.
The multi-channel nozzle head is inter-changeable, 30ulx12ch, 30ulx24ch, 220ulx12ch, 1000ulx12ch. The standard option is 220ulx12ch and other heads are option.
Compliant to 384 well microplate by 12ch nozzle head by newly developed Y axis drive. 24ch nozzle head is only for 384 well operation.
Newly developed stacker has installed for HTS operation.The maximum capacity of stackers magazine is 5pcs of disposable tip rack and 20pcs of 96 or 384 well microplates.
Liquid surface level sensing.
Automatic waste liquid pump-out system with small waste container has installed as a standard option.

Automatic reagent supply system to the reservoir is available as option.

Up to 99 labwares can be registered and stored in memory.
WINDOWS based easy and flexible software.

Product name Description
NSP-7000Ⅲ System Sliding work stage, 220ul x 12ch nozzle head, 4 stackers,
Waste liquid pump-out, Y-drive and software
Automatic reagent supply system Optional pump unit for automatic reagent supply form outside
Optional nozzle head 220ul x 12ch for disposable tip
30ul x 12ch for disposable tip
30ul x 24ch for disposable tip
1000ul x 12ch for disposable tip
Dimension Dimension
to Install
1210mm(W) x 480mm(D) x 720mm (H) without PC
1450 mm(W) x 560(D) x 770mm (H)
Weight Approx. 77kg (without PC)
Usable tips NICHIRYO tips for robotic system HT series
Usable microplates SBS standard 96 well or 384 well.
( for deep-well plate or mini-tube plate, please contact us)
Nozzle head 220ul x 12ch (normal option)
Optional heads : 30ul x 12ch, 30ul x 24ch, 1000ul x 12ch
(The 24ch nozzle head is only for 384 well operation)
Sampling volume (warranty range) (Setting is available from 1ul) 220ul head : 10 - 220ul
30ul head : 3 - 30ul
1000ul head : 100 - 1000ul
Accuracy and CV 220ul head : ±2.8% AC, ≦2.8% CV (10ul)&±0.8% AC, ≦0.8% CV at 220ul
30ul head : ±3.9% AC, ≦3.4% CV (3ul)&±1.4% AC, ≦1.2% CV at 30ul
1000ul head : ±2.0% AC, ≦2.0% CV (100ul)&±0.9% AC, ≦0.4% CV at 1000ul
Working stage 5 positions :Tip rack, Reservoir (30mlx4 containers), Waste container, Microplatex2
Liquid surface sensing Pressure sensor
Dispensing speed 1 microplate dispensing 100ul with 12ch head - approx. >60 sec.
Outer door Acrylic glass door with door switch for safety.
Stacker magazine's
For microplate stacker : 20 micro plates or 5 deep-well plates
For tip rack stacker : 5 tip racks
Power source 100 - 240V AC 50/60Hz 0.1kW (100V)
PC spec WINDOWS®98/Me/XP/2000 (English version recommended)
CPU : Higher than Pentium®, more than 64MB memory
CD-ROM and FD drive, RS232C D-sub 9pin serial port

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NSP 7000 III

NSP - 7000 III

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