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NSP - 7000R

  Smooth operation

Come back as more silent system

  Small foot - print design
Compact design for desk top operation
  Simple keypad operation

No PC requirement

NSP-7000R is the compact liquid sampling system for desk top operation.
NSP-7000R is more silent and smooth than past best seller model NSP-7000.
This is the perfect system for microplate operation such as reagent dispensing, sample dispensing, serial dilution and on-plate transferring.

The new disposable tips are replaced automatically to ensure no carry-over operation.
High speed and safety operation with good accuracy and precision.
3 positions sliding work stage accepts disposable tip rack, reagent reservoir and microplate in 8ch or 12ch way.
Compact design for desk top operation.
No PC requirement, the built-in keypad panel is designed for easy programming and operation.
There are five variable dispensing modes.
  Mode 2:Reagent dispensing

The reagent can be transferred to a labware in a row of wells from a vessel for one time dispensing.


Mode 3:Continuous dispensing of reagents and samples

  The reagent can be transferred to a labware in multiple wells for sequential dispensing.

Mode 4:Serial dilution

  Perform serial dilution in almost any ratio.
Perform serial dilutions either 8 wells across or 12 well across.
  Mode 5:Plate to plate transfer of samples
  Transfer samples to or from microplates to an assay plate.
Perform replica plating.
  Mode 6:On-plate transfer (moving within the same plate)
  Pick-up and dispensing in a row one after another on the same labware at the mixing stage
Link files for complex liquid handling requirement by Mode 7. (maximum 100 files)
Easy to call the saved protocol to operate from memory.
Wide volume range of 10 - 220ul in increments of1ul.
Perfect for examination of HIV and HCV by condensation method and ELIZA method.
Microplate mixer installed as standard option.

Cat. No Description
00-NSP-7000R Sliding work stage, 220ul × 12ch nozzle head, plate mixer
Dimension 300mm(W) x 645mm(D) x 585mm (H)
Dimension to Install 300mm(W) x 810mm(D) x 585mm (H)
Weight Approx. 42kg
Usable tips NICHIRYO HT-FSR for robotic system (racked)
Usable microplates SBS standard 96 well or 384 well.
( for deep-well plate or mini-tube plate, please contact us)
Nozzle head 220μL×12ch
Sampling volume
(warranty range)
(Setting is available from 1ul)
Accuracy and CV ±2.8% AC, ≦2.8% CV at 10μL
±0.8% AC, ≦0.8% CV at 220μL
Working stage 3 positions :Tip rack, Reservoir (30ml×4 containers), Microplate
Liquid surface sensing N/A
Dispensing speed 1 microplate dispensing 100μL with 12ch head - approx. 45 sec.
Microplate mixer Built-in working stage
Power source AC 100 - 120V or AC 200 - 240V 50/60Hz 100VA (100V)

Tips for Robot Systems
Cat. No Description Volume Contents
00-HT-FS Bulk tip for robotic system 10~220μL 1000
00-HT-FSR Racked tip for robotic system 10~220μL 960
00-HT-FSRB Racked tip for robotic system (sterilized) 10~220μL 960
00-NSP-RSV 4 tray reservoir 30mL×4 4
00-NSP-RSV-NF Tray for reservoir 30mL×4 4
00-NSP-RSV80 Large volume reservoir (without frame) 80mL 50
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NSP 7000 R

NSP - 7000R

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