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Nichipet EX

Best Selling Model of Nichipet Series

Fully autoclavable. ( 121℃ for 20 minutes )

Enhanced UV resistance.
Easy digital volume setting.
Easy and convenient single hand locking lever.
Eight sizes to cover a wide volume range. ( 0.1μL ‒ 10mL )
PTFE ( Fluorine resin ) is used in the airtight chamber of the instrument, so the instrument keeps its air tightness and precise reproducibility for long hours.
Ceramic plungers are used for volume models larger than 200μL.
Filtered Nozzles are used for volume models larger than 1000μL.
Tip ejector allows tip ejections without touching the tip.
Tip ejector is made of plastic to avoid damaging glass tubes.

Cat. No Volume Setting Volume range(μL) Increments(μL) Usable tips
00-NPX-2 Digital Setting 0.1~2 0.002 BMT-UT/UTR、CT-UT/UTR
00-NPX-10 0.5~10 0.01 BMT-SS/SSR、CT-SS/SSR
00-NPX-20 2~20 0.02 BMT-SE/SER、SG/SGR、CT-SG/SGR
00-NPX-100 10~100 0.1 BMT-SE/SER、SG/SGR、CT-SG/SGR、SE/SER
00-NPX-200 20~200 0.2 BMT-SE/SER、SG/SGR、CT-AG/AGR、SE/SER
00-NPX-1000 100~1000 1 BMT-L/LR、CT-L/LR
00-NPX-5000 1000~5000 10 BMT-X/XR
00-NPX-10ML 1000~10000 10 BMT-Z
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Nichipet EX

Nichipet EX

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