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Water activity - ms1 Set M

Portable instrument ms1 Set M
Optimal for portable application
Robust box sensor
Ideal for bigger sample volumes
Accurate electrolytic measuring technology
Hysteresis-free, repeatable measured values
Laboratory and production application

Measurement instrument ms1 Set M

Precision portable measuring device for determination of the relative humidity %rh inside the box. Thanks to the integrated processor the instrument is capable to calculate further climate parameter of the Mollier-hx-diagramm (absolute humidity, dew point, temperature etc.). Multi-purposed in laboratory and production.

Large and clear LC display with %rh, temperature and stable value signal. For the ms1 Set M the established electrolyte measuring cell is used. This enables an accurate, hysteresis-free and long term stable operating of the device.

The ms1 Set M offers an optimal cost efficiency and is well suited for the on site measurement of bigger sample volumes.

Application areas:
Food production and quality laboratory, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, chemistry
Technical data:
Measurement range: 6 ... 98 %rh (correspond to 0.06...0.98 aw)
Temperature: -20...+80°C
Repeatability: +/- 0.3 %rh (0.003 aw)
Accuracy: +/- 1 %rh (0.01 aw)
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ms1 Set M

Water activity - ms1 Set M

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