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Water activity - ms1 Set aw

Portable instrument ms1 Set aw
Optimal for portable application
Tight volume-optimised measuring chamber
Ideal for small sample volume
Accurate electrolytic measuring technology
Hysteresis-free, repeatable measured values
Laboratory and production application

Measurement instrument ms1 Set aw

Precision portable measruing device for the determination of the aw-value of all kind of different food, cosmetics, as well as pharmaceutical products. Versatile used in laboratoy or production.

Large and clear LC display with aw, temperature and stable value signal. For the ms1 Set aw the established electrolyte measuring cell is used.This enables an accurate, hystersis-free and long term stable operating of this device.

The ms1 Set aw offers an optimal cost efficiency and is well suited for the on site measurement of small sample volumes.

Application areas:
Food production and quality laboratory, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, chemistry
Technical data:
Measurement range: 0.06 ... 0.98 aw (6...98%rh) Temperature: -20....+80°C
Repeatability: +/- 0.002 aw (0.2%rh)
Accuracy: +/- 0.01 aw
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ms1 Set aw

Water activity - ms1 Set aw

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