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Excellence XS Series Analytical Balances
Innovative ergonomics and technology

SmartGrid weighing pan for fast and stable results
ErgoClip weighing system
Touch-screen operation
Flexible design for maximum space efficiency

XS analytical balances feature the innovative SmartGrid weighing pan which minimizes the area in the chamber affected by air turbulence, resulting in shorter stabilization times and faster results. ErgoClip attachments, for round-bottom flasks, test tubes and weighing boats, simplify specific weighing tasks. The multi-lingual, backlit graphics display with touch-screen operation has three different display settings for user-friendly operation and easy access to the menu. For increased versatility, balances can formula-weigh, totalize, calculate coefficients, determine densities and weigh below the balance. Alphanumeric sample ID helps fulfill GLP requirements. Fully automatic temperature compensation and included weighing adapter ensures accurate results in a variety of environments.

Balances come standard with weighing adapter (for optimal adaptation to the environment), RS232 interface, glass draft shield with flexible configuration, protective terminal cover and AC/DC adapter.
Thomas No. Capacity (g) Readability (mg)
1320A15 61 0.1
1320A17 120 0.1
1320A21 41 / 120 0.01 / 0.1
1320A23 81 / 220 0.1 / 1
1320A27 81 / 220 0.01 / 0.1
1320A24 220 0.1

Excellence XS Series Analytical Balances

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