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Helios Zeta And Helios Omega Spectrophotometers
Excellent performance, compact size, and a large, easy-to-access sample compartment

SmartStart™ for quick access to your frequently used methods
UVcalc™ - built-in advanced calculation features
Optional bio test firmware (UVcalc bio)
Local or PC control with large selection of specialized software
USB connectivity for convenient data and methods storage
Wide range of accessories for QC/QA, life science, and material science applications

The Helios Zeta and Omega UV-Visible scanning spectrophotometers offer excellent performance, compact configuration, and large, easy-to-access sample compartment. Both instruments feature dual-source tungsten and deuterium lamp system. The double-beam Helios Zeta provides excellent stability with the flexibility to measure both sample and reference samples simultaneously. A variety of sample and reference beam cell holder accessories makes the Helios Zeta a clear choice for demanding samples. The single-beam Helios Omega, with its wide selection of sample cell holders, offers a more cost-effective solution. Both instruments offer USB connectivity for convenient data and methods storage and printing, a wide array of optional PC applications, and software enabling 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Helios products are ideal for busy quality control laboratories that require productivity, durability, and an abundance of features to cater for a wide range of application and customer requirements.

Accessories for Helios Spectrophotometers:

Software Packages
Software packages are available to complement the Helios Models. Vision 32 Standard and Rate software can be used with all Helios models.Vision 32 Standard includes Scan, Fixed, Quant and UV calc applications.Operates under Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT, version 4.0 or higher.Vision 32 Rate runs kinetics tests, real time and post-run calculations of data and requires Vision 32 Standard for operation. Grafit provides a Windows-based data fitting package for enzyme characterization, ASDS is an automated sequence of development software and UV-Calc is used for local control systems.

Sample Handling:

Calibration Accessories
The Calibration Validation Carosel (8404A19) performs automatic unattended instrument performance checks on the Helios Alpha and Beta spectrophotometers. These checks include all critical UV-VIS spectrophotometer performance parameters essential for laboratories under any sort of regulatory control. The carousel fits in place of the cell programmer, screwing into place, to allow quick and easy operation. The calibration of the wavelength and visible absorbance filters is an ISO/IEC Guide 25 accredited process, providing a third party guarantee to the accuracy of the filter values.

Helios Zeta And Helios Omega Spectrophotometers

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